40 Ravines From Asturias

40 Ravines From Asturias


Manufactured by: Ed. Desnivel

May 2008
272 p.
14 x 21 cm
Writer- Pablo Solares

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We offer you a guide that will undoubtedly surprise you, because of the enormous potential of the Principality of Asturias canyoning, and that in this guide you will find many unpublished and little ravines Concos. So in a sense, this is a pioneering guide to try to draw the first precise strokes in a blank area of the map canyoning Peninsula.

In these pages are canyons and gorges of all types and difficulty, closed, deep gorges and ravines and open vertical, cliffs limestone and quartzite, abseiling and other rifles with 20, and / or large waterfalls, falls water and dry gullies throughout the year; ravines in August and January, ravines and other short approaches to access long and complex, including two underground ravine descents ... you see, the choice is wide, dear reader, and canyoning.

All gullies are outlined fully described, with their sketches, and maps of location and access, and accompanied by a comprehensive data sheet. In addition, you will also find information of interest such as geology, history and traditional sports, toponymy and hydrology of the cliff to help you better understand your field of adventure.


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