50 Ravines From Pyrenees

50 Ravines From Pyrenees


Manufactured by: Ed. Desnivel

Juny 2006
240 p.
Writer- José Antonio Ortega Becerril

Select the 50 best gorges in the Pyrenees! ... The most beautiful, most sports, the best preserved, the more vertical ... The gorge is a different world for every person, every place and every moment of time provides the opportunity to live a different time, the rate of descent allows us to perceive different sensations and each differently in their own world. Hence there is a ravine better than another. Choice has been, frankly, a complicated task and many ravines had to be, necessarily, in the ink. What I can assure you is that everyone between the pages of this guide are ravines really special.

The authors, experts and connoisseurs canyoning environment, have joined purely practical information and sports with environmental information. Each ravine is fully reviewed with the appropriate technical data, description of access and own descent. Unfortunately, there is a huge knowledge gap geological, hydrological and biological resources in this world. The authors have sought to fill this gap and offer a detailed environmental description of each ravine in question ... Perhaps more on that will help protect, preserve and understand more and better half so fragile.