Atlasl Belt Harness

Atlasl Belt Harness


Manufactured by: Rock Empire

Sit harness Skill BELT is designed to arrest falls when working at heights. It is fully adjustable with a padded waist belt and leg loops. Harness is equipped with lightweight quick buckles that allow quick and easy setup. Two gear loops. Harness suitable for work positioning and in situations where there is no risk of twisting during a fall. Comes in two sizes.



  • Attachment point in front for connecting to descender device (EN 813)
  • Two att achment points for work positioning (EN 358) and tie in (EN 813) are rings made of steel and tested at 15 kN
  • Lightweight buckles allow for quick and easy setup
  • Two gear loops
  • Identification label and pictograms





Activities, for which personal protection equipment (PPE) is needed, can be dangerous to your life and health. For your safety, please note:


  • Always read the PPE instructions for use before first use and keep for reference
  • Always use the PPE in the manner for which they were intended
  • Attend the required certification and re-certification courses
  • Inspect older and worn PPE and, when required, have your equipment inspected by a certified PPE examiner
  • In the event of questions or uncertainty about use of our
  • PPE products, please contact ROCK EMPIRE Inc.

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