Rengade DMM Harness

Rengade DMM Harness


Manufactured by: DMM

The Renegade is our flagship harness for the most demanding climber; its padded, stiffened and ergonomic waist belt allows gymnastic movement while providing extra comfort on belays or falls.

The floating waistbelt means that you can centre the gear loops no matter what size you are or how many layers you are wearing.

Seven gear loops allow enough gear to be taken on even the longest of routes.

The leg loops use buckles to give a massive amount of adjustment so that the harness can be used in all environments whether cragging, winter climbing or doing alpine routes.

The Renegade can come with either Slide Lock buckles (Renegade) or with Threadback buckles (Renegade Pro). The name Renegade Pro came about because the harness came into existence because a lot of instructors asked us for a Renegade with threadback buckles.

The waistbelt and legs use a Cordura face fabric for extra durability, the tie-in points are protected by a layer of Cordura in a highlight colour so that any excessive wear is easily seen and the belay loop is built of a really tough tape rated at 25kN. 


64-79 cm 45-58 cm
75-90 cm 50-63 cm
87-104 cm 55-70 cm

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