Reverso 4 Petzl

Reverso 4 Petzl


Manufactured by: Petzl

World's lightest dynamic belay device.

The new Petzl Reverso 4 maintains the same features as its predecessor, the Reverso 3, but with a considerable weight reduction, from 79 gr to only 59 g, 25% reduction in weight, which maintains it extremely versatile, but now is the lightest in the world.

To achieve such a drastic weight reduction, have remained essentially forms the Reverso 3, but leftovers are removed aluminum and added holes far from weakening the structure, help to increase the structural strength, so the global computing means 25% less weight with equal strength. Quite an achievement of engineering that fans will appreciate the weight ...

Highly versatile design that fits all types of ropes and diameters.

Ideal for dynamic belay and general classical climbing over adventure terrain, including mountaineering, ice climbing, big wall ...

This is a device of fifth generation dynamically ensures a first string or a string or two seconds automatically, allowing rappelling and allow you to use all kinds of strings: single, double and twin, as they adapt While all kinds of diameters, and unlocks the rope when a rope is hanging second.

The Reverse 4 is light, technology and performance in one device. Supports strings larger than or equal to 7.5 mm; double ropes 8 mm in diameter and at least single ropes from 8.9-mm in diameter. It is, therefore, the device with greater range of use in terms of thick rope, with its slot in a "V" device friction fit the diameter of the rope.

The Petzl Reverso 4 allows secure a first string with single or double rope and securing a string or two seconds automatically. Besides all this, to unlock the plate should be suspended a second rope, can descend in a controlled manner if necessary.

The Petzl Reverso 4 incorporates a hole to unlock the device under load. This hole is designed to put a hook and make the necessary lever to unlock, but beware, do not serve all the runners. You can also use the classic sling.

It offers a simple and effective management, with a very intuitive and very correct instructions and schematic. Made of forged aluminum high strength and durability.

Petzl 3 year warranty

Weight: 59 grams.