Appointment With The Summit

Appointment With The Summit


A story of friendship and tragedy on K2

February 2011
232 p.
14 x 21 cm
Writer- Juanjo San Sebastián

Appointment with the top enchants, engages, excites. The spontaneity and warmth that Juan San Sebastian tells his ordeal on K2 have interest in his story transcends the purely mountaineer. As David Torres in the preface, "Juanjo has tempered the passion and pain, anger has given way to melancholy and grief. The wounds of love are closed and the scar is the memory of who, precisely because they still hurts, you know he has loved and lived. But there is something else, is that Juanjo dares to look face to face last taboo. (...) The summit here does not care about anything or nothing. It's just cold and windy and dizziness. I think that the quote from the title announces Juanjo was not the summit. Atxo was the drink, his friend and climbing partner of many, he drank it. "

Juanjo San Sebastián (Bilbao, 1955) is one of the most solid, versatile and charismatic Spanish mountaineering. Author of several books, among which stands out when the moon changes (Vertical, 2000), has become brave words feelings and thoughts shared by many mountaineers.