Superlight Rocks Will Country

Superlight Rocks Will Country


Manufactured by: Wild Country
Asymetric stoppers for the versatile climber, 5 sizes, each with four different possible size placements.

The Superlight Rocks are going into the review this issue. I liked them so much I had to get them in. They are the best nuts I've ever used. Having just the one wire lets them seat much better than standard nuts. I was very surprised by the difference. I thought it would be slight, but it was massive.

Even in regular, deep slots they are less problematic to fire in, and then they seat better. I did notice that the Superlights were roughly a regular Rock, cut down the middle. For my uses, I place Rocks (and all nuts) in their narrow profile probably 99% or more of the time ... I can't actually recall ever placing a nut, aside from a hex, in a placement along its wide axis. So, for me, the Superlights are ideal ... I don't give up a thing, except weight".

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