Guide Crestas Pirenaicas. Pirineo Central Volúmen II

Guide Crestas Pirenaicas. Pirineo Central Volúmen II


September 2009
264 pág.
11 x 19 cm
Writer-Pako Sánchez

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In this second volume of Pyrenean peaks, Pako Sanchez returns to the fray with new longer tours, more distant and more difficult than the first volume, published four years ago. The 34 selected routes ply the high Pyrenees, passing through the most important summits of the Pyrenees National Park Aigüestortes i SantMaurici, the head of Ribagorza, the bulk of the Maladeta or Turbón, that lonely watchman, and ends the journey of peaks in the undisputed king, the Aneto, with the unique crest Margarida-Tempestats-Aneto.

For almost all of these peaks - except one, the crest of Vallibierna RoquesBlanques - will require the use of rope: fourth grade, abseiling and mountain climber secured environment.
Although almost all the routes beyond the 2,500 m, also includes four routes to a lower altitude, to go from fall to spring, with the intention to diversity and also show the softer side of the Pyrenees.
In each of the peaks outlined will find all the practical information required: trouble, time, material, maps, access and approach detailed description of the trip and fall, all illustrated with sketches of photo, location maps and images of action representative.

As the author notes: "Ready for days of long hours, breathing the thin air of 3,000 feet, to get lost in endless scree, to fly over glaciers dying. If the first book we have encouraged to join the club of cresteristas, here's consecration. "