Climbing Guide Circo De Gredos

Climbing Guide Circo De Gredos


Raul Lora

February 2008
P. 224.
12 x 16.5 cm

The Sierra de Gredos occupies the middle of the Central System, between the Sierra de Guadarrama and de Gata y Peña de France. Oriented approximately east-west along over 140 km between the hill and race Guisando Béjar, most of its 3,500 square miles belong to the province of Avila, and a small fraction of the Western Massif, the provinces of Caceres and Salamanca.

All roads described in this guide are located in the enclave's most popular and visited the mountains: the Circo de Gredos. Here is a selection of 100 channels, which include mainly the roads of ice. If something must be stressed in this sector are the best conditions for this type of climbing. Because its facing north and the cold weather and dry winters, it forms a type of ice is usually crystalline, porous and very little hard, especially during the colder months (December and January). In this age often form small waterfalls, the result of the freezing of some water courses. While in February and March, due to precipitation as snow and the increased daylight hours, they are the main routes of ice, snow and mixed, situated mainly in the Casquerazo and Blades Blades .

We have also included a selection of rock tracks. Stand out tracks on granite is characterized by numerous cracks, dihedrals and chimneys that facilitate progression free climbing.
The quantity and quality of roads, on ice and rock, coupled with the proximity of the refuge Jose Antonio Elola have made the Circo de Gredos a national reference and an ideal place to gain experience to undertake climbs in the Alps or other mountain ranges.