Climbing guide Patones y Alrededores

Climbing guide Patones y Alrededores


September 2008
P. 240.
16.5 x 12 cm
Jose Manuel Velazquez-Gaztelu

Patones, a small town located about 70 miles north of Madrid, is the epicenter of the most popular limestone area of the center and one of the busiest in Spain. Hundreds of climbers walk its walls all weekend and so is the demand for information Pontoon Canyon de la Oliva, straddling the provinces of Madrid and Guadalajara, this is the fourth climbing guide that is published on school. The last publication was in February 2004 and in just over two years flew all copies. Due to the ceaseless activity was ruled out a repeat of openness and chose Vertical make a new updated guide with sketches of color photos and locators that help the climber to place better every sector and pathways.

The guide also contains all the information on small satellite schools that are relatively near the town of Patones: Alcores (better known as The Fleece), Peña Rubia, Patones Uceda and Canyon Village. In total, described more than 800 routes, the vast majority appointed on limestone, from the IV to the 9th

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