Guide Climbing Cabezon D´or Alicante

Guide Climbing Cabezon D´or Alicante


The Cabeço d'Or is one of the most interesting for the practice of the escalation of Spanish. The highlight of his tormented limestone and the large number of sectors offer great potential. From sectors with relatively short approaches, to others whose locations are quite remote. From sport routes which will be needed just a bunch of tapes, to more adventure, which will have to be loaded to capacity.

There are a total of 114 routes are displayed here outlined, with a simple and direct language, accompanied by practical information necessary for their implementation, as well as an appreciation for your interest, the story of his starts and other data of interest. The routes are marked on photographs of the areas and walls to help locate them, and are further complemented by a detailed sketch of each track, placing in the hands of the reader all the information available for the enjoyment of climbing.

Its author, climber and local openness Manuel Bernabeu, plasma and its intention with this work: "This guide is intended to collect the tracks of this magnificent mountain, from old start losing time until the last climbs even impregnated a virgin halo , and clarify and organize the tangle of lines that cross these walls, to invite you to climb in a world without deception possible. "

July 2009
P. 219.
16 x 12 cm

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