Climbing Book Escalada Montserrat Ascensiones De Leyenda

Climbing Book Escalada Montserrat Ascensiones De Leyenda


September 2007
P. 520.
14.5 x 20.5 cm

First published in 1990, Montserrat, climbing legend has continued throughout this time, and through subsequent updates, to accompany the climbers who venture into the cliffs of this massive landmark, helping to choose the right path, prepare the material, then the path, and, especially, to immerse themselves in the unique environment that provides contact with his rough conglomerate.

This definitive edition contains reviews of about 200 to about 150 cliff paths, with all the practical information and detailed illustrations of the routes completely updated, all in the hand of one of the most knowledgeable of Montserrat has ever been.

"It will take years, be renewed materials evolve man, will open new routes, but all these ascents as I present what I love, never go out of fashion. Do not ever lose its logic or its beauty. Not stop be scaled, because, quite simply, are the most attractive climbing, "says Antonio García Picazo in the introduction to this guide to worship.