The conquest of the Useless

The conquest of the Useless


From Alps to Annapurna

Octubre 2008
368 pág.
14 x 21 cm
Writer- Lionel Terray

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Recover for our fund one of the most widely read books on mountain of all time, The conquistadors of the useless. Its author, Lionel Terray (1921-1965), was described by Messner as "one of the most outstanding figures in the history of mountaineering. " And it is certainly first and absolute openness of the Fitz Roy, Chacraraju, Jannu, Makalu and Mount Huntington. In its activities in the Alps include the first occurrence of the Eiger North and the Piz Badile Cassin in seven hours, both with Louis Lachenal.

In 1950 participates in the French expedition to Annapurna, which waives the top to ensure the decline of Herzog and Lachenal. Dies at age 44 in a climbing accident. Its risky nature and immense passion with which each of their lives climbing a writer makes it exceptional.
So "Pathfinder" as we call her family books, is and will be a classic in mountain literature, as well as essential for those who like mountain climbing dream about them.