Full Manual Knots

Full Manual Knots


March 2011
160 p.
16.5 x 22 cm

Writer- Cristian Biosca Rolland

A new handbook of knots, which we have fully qualified very conscious. And in their pages encontraremes all the knots used in activities and outdoor sports, including sailing. 108 different knots, basic, mountain, camping, or utility, all of them played through step by step color photographs.

The boom in outdoor activities has become fashionable to put the knots and their applications. Whoever you speak of knots think your knowledge and technique may be of interest only to a few, those who are engaged in, for work or hobby, the work at sea or mountain sports. However, all nodes use every day: When we merged the shoes or tie or close a garbage bag, for example.

In this manual we will see how to do, step by step and full-color photos, 108 knots with common applications.

basic knots.
Knots mountain.
camping knots.
nautical knots.
Knots commonly used.
fishing knots.
decorative knots.

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