Canyoning Manual

Canyoning Manual


Juny 2009
192 p.
16 x 22
Writer- Jose Antonio Ortega Becerril

On the descent of living waters - one of the most difficult techniques canyoning - is of paramount importance to know many factors hydraulics and hydrology, so that the tools available to read the movements of water have before their eyes.

Learning to observe the environment, read the water and how it works is one of the objectives of this manual, which is aimed at both outdoor enthusiasts who want to progress, improve their knowledge and safety, and to instructors who wish to incorporate this knowledge their classes, or openings that do not know what to find.
In short, all kinds of people fond of ravines and that sooner or later, find one with plenty of water.

Each concept is clearly illustrated with photographs, and at the end of each chapter contains case studies and real problems, providing possible solutions.

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