Climbing Anchor Manual

Climbing Anchor Manual


February 2008
132 p.
10.7 X 17.7 cm

Writers- John Long and Bon Gaines

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Good and strong anchors are the foundation of rock climbing. If you already know the basics of assembly meetings but would like to have all the facts at hand when you're on the wall, this manual you will like a glove. Climbing Anchors: a field guide has been designed specifically for field use. This is a user-friendly manual and full of visual references, including the basics of how to place insurance and how to assemble reliable secure meetings in different situations of real climbing.

John Long, author of the best rock climbing hand, explains the basic concepts using sketches, illustrations and more than 100 photographs guide and professional instructor Bob Gaines. This pocket guide can be carried to the wall and serves as a complement to their other work, most complete and best-selling, climbing anchors.

Natural Anchors
Passive chocks
Chisels, and parabolts espits.
Fall forces
Calculate the direction of force
Meetings to ensure
Meetings with rope climbing above
Meetings for rappelling

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