Safe climbing Guide

Safe climbing Guide


November 2007
60 p.
16 x 16 cm
Wirter- Toño Guerra

This manual deals with safety guidelines and ways to prevent and solve some problems in sport climbing routes both in and pick up several times. Not intended to be the "encyclopedia fat" of climbing, and includes shortcuts to make it level, even the best training tips, and secrets of the great climbers to chain the hardest way. That you can find elsewhere.

The climbing group is generally well informed regarding coaching theory and technical gesture. In contrast are detected sometimes alarming gaps in knowledge about safety maneuvers or correct use of materials. Many techniques are learned by imitation without actually knowing if the imitated knows his stuff. Circulating urban legends, customs outdated and risky services.

This work is aimed at people starting to do so to a good start, but also those who have spent years climbing and do not conform to continue to apply what they learned long ago. Some of the topics presented here will sound too basic for some, and others perhaps too complicated. The intention is to promote awareness of the sport climbing is not the ping-pong, but a very technical and risk that must be addressed with sufficient knowledge. These are not acquired in a weekend or a couple of sessions of climbing.

Climbing is an evolving activity, both in techniques and materials and mentality. What was considered safe for years, or even questioned, today seems absurd and dangerous. It is wise to maintain a flexible mind capable of adapting to changing times.

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