Speleology Manual

Speleology Manual


October 2004
192 p.
16.5 x 22 cm
Writer- José Martínez Hernandez

All lovers of the subsoil have a fundamental book in your library: Manual of caving. Exhausted its 2 nd edition, goes on sale a new edition which not only has changed the facade.

For a text remains perfectly valid, José Martínez has provided updated information on the longest and deepest caves of Spain and the world, curious data on large cavities developed on calcareous materials, large underground phenomena and a new chapter with information on the main cavity of our country.

Forced use in introductory courses, this manual you can find detailed information on each of the multiple facets of caving: how cavities are formed, how we undertake the exploration, what equipment we need, how to get get pretty pictures underground how we interpret topography, how can we make ourselves ...

Do not forget that the teachings of the experts are very important at our stage of training. So we have included in the final pages a basic bibliography and addresses of the main groups and magazines caving