Tecnic Manual Of Canyoning

Tecnic Manual Of Canyoning


Manufactured by: Ed. Desnivel

Juny 2014
220 p.
16,5 X 22 cm
Writer- FFE y EFDC

This collective work, written by the instructors and trainers of the French School Canyoning (EFC), proposes a synthesis of knowledge and practices taught in training courses, from introductory level to the highest possible.

Includes 70 sheets, classified into 5 chapters on the various stages of training an athlete in the EFC. Of these, 42 are applicable for canyoning at any level, even those who occasionally do this sport or who already have some knowledge. The remaining 28 pieces are devoted to learning techniques, autosocorro and special situations.

This work marks an evolution and the passage of a page in the history of this activity, born of a merger between the techniques of caving, mountain climbing. Through it we discover the canyoning is very close to reaching maturity. They already use a language, material and methods are very specific and tailored to the conditions of progression in an environment as unique as are the guns.

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