Snowalker Petzl Ice Axe 60 cm

Snowalker Petzl Ice Axe 60 cm


Manufactured by: Petzl
Glacier touring ice axe

For glacier travel and snow slopes, the lightweight SNOWALKER is the axe to have. The stainless steel pick is designed for solid placements even in hard snow and ice. The wide adze chops steps efficiently and provides a comfortable weight-bearing surface. The anodized shaft is made of high quality, durable 7075 aluminum. Available in three sizes. RANDO leash included.

    * 4 mm toothed pick made of Charlet steel: durable, works great in both snow and ice
    * Durable Charlet steel adze, contoured for hand. Efficient for chopping steps
    * Head, adze and pick with cut-out profile for weight saving
    * Pick equipped with hole for clipping a carabiner or attaching a sling
    * High strength aluminum shaft (7075 aluminum, the same used in aerospace industry) Anodized for corrosion protection
    * Pick made of Charlet steel for durability

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