SteriPEN Adventure

SteriPEN Adventure


Manufactured by: SteriPEN

What is SteriPEN? and how it works

SteriPEN is a portable water purifier developed by Hydro-Photon, Maine USA based company

  • That is effective up to 99.9999% destroying Giardia, Cryptosporidium, flagellates and other microorganisms in the water, certified and tested by the USEPA and the WQA
  • That fits in one hand,
  • Its weight is 103 gr., Battery
  • That is fast, 45 " liter of water drinkable
  • Its price is content, 150.00 the most expensive and allows 10,000 cycles of purification, a recovery of 0.03 / liter

Bases its operation on the issue of a certain frequency and range of ultraviolet light, which has germicidal properties and destroys the DNA strands of viruses, bacteria and protozoa including Giardia and Cryptosporidium , which are causing serious diseases that can cause even death. It has a proven up to 99.9999%

Hydro-Photon supplies its equipment to many different areas of population throughout the world as: Emergency Services, military, pharmaceutical, travelers and outdoor sports.


All our purifiers are tested and certified analytical and microbiological tests and have protocols that make it suitable for use in emergency and military.

These studies are made ​​in different American universities and bodies of the U.S. Government As the NSF (National Science Foundation) , the USEPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) and WQA (Water Quality Association) http://www.wqa . org 


We have multiple international awards as the Gold Seal of USEPA , winner of the magazine Travel + Leisure Travel as the best item for travelers, the magazine of sports and new SNEWS has ranked among the top 25 Gadget outdoor sports and TIME magazine and CNN among the 25 best products of the past 25 years and a bronze medal in the Outdoor Industry Award 2008, among the Spanish, the magazine Slope Library and sells our purifiers and can be viewed on the website of the library.

This summer Curro, friend and mountain guide has been almost 2 months in India and the Himalayas with a team of people drinking water they found and drinkable with SteriPEN.


If these singularities of our product, we add the long list of prohibitions on use of biocides including iodine, ordered by the European Union. Many elements as a resource used in formulations of water purification tablets 


The options are to treat the water out of water treatment plants, from October 2009 , are very small and makes us think we are the most rational, efficient and easy, guaranteed for the purification of water portable form of international market.


Based on their performance characteristics, ease of use, price, size and lightness there to compare it is the only market able to show that provides

"Safe water anywhere" as we have ratified the WQA and the USEPA