Revolver DMM

Revolver DMM


Manufactured by: DMM

The product Revolver DMM extremely important. Not only because it is unique and very useful, but also by the knowledge we have gained to make the final product. All carabiners we've made in recent years owe their design and features of the lessons learned to manufacture the revolver. The Revolver is a snap with many applications. Thanks to the pulley incorporated in the support area of the cord is greatly reduced the effort of the climber. The friction produced by the weight and length of the rope used is drastically reduced. Used quickdraw drastically reduces the friction of the rope, prolonging the life of the rope. He can be as a pulley to be useful in self-rescue maneuvers and higher load 'big walls'

The construction 'R' on all our latest range is derived from this design. We wanted to make this carabiner lighter so that the benefits of the wheel would not compromise the weight and make the Shuffle too heavy. After much experimentation, we realized that the only way to do this was the thorn hot forging creating lighter panels.

At the same time, we created a unique style that has marked the last show idiosyncrasy up ice picks, Rebel and Anarchist benefit from this technology.

So how does it work? In short, this carabiner uses the sliding of the rope in a wheel instead of sliding in the spinal cord of normal carabiner. Imagine a very long road which has a large number of insurance and benefits are easily. They are even more so when there are changes in the direction of the rope as occurs when there is a journey or route passes through a belly.

However, there are more benefits to consider. As the rope slides over the wheel will have less wear, which will extend its life. It also reduces the friction of the rope, the force generated in a fall will be distributed over the rest of the system, resulting in less impact on the final secure. If this insurance is poor or marginal benefits are obvious.

The wheel itself is made of 7075 aluminum and fits against the spine of the carabiner to facilitate the correct positioning of the rope.

Even if the pulley is deformed, and not one has done in over three years, the use and integrity would be maintained to provide the hook ..

It takes two or three in your harness and enjoy the benefits: less friction to the rope at long routes or trip and peace of mind that you carry for self-rescue equipment if necessary.

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