Ropeman MK1 Wild Country

Ropeman MK1 Wild Country


Manufactured by: Wild Country

"The Wild County Ropeman Ascender is an indispensable piece of gear for multitude of climbing and crevasse rescue situations. This 3oz silver-dollar-size ascender replaces your prussic to make ascending and hauling faster and easier. The Mk1 uses an aluminum cam and is gentle on your rope's sheath, but it only works for ropes from 10-11mm. Take advantage of the aggressive stainless steel cam on the Mk2 if you're using ropes down to 8.5mm."

Wild Country Ropeman 2 Ascender Weight: 85 grams / 3.00 oz Rope Diameters: 8.5 cm / 11in. Axle Strength: 15kn CE Morm: EN567

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