Techniques Rock, Ice and Snow

Techniques Rock, Ice and Snow


May 2007
228 p.
16.5 x 22 cm
Writer- Pete Hill

Describe what you need to know about the various facets of climbing and mountaineering, and sorted alphabetically, and guiding the reader through various techniques ranging from those for beginners to those reserved for experts. The manual will include all the essential skills, whatever the situation, whether it is climbing in low areas as it is practiced in the mountains or winter activity is required to ascend fixed ropes during an expedition at high altitude.

It includes international rankings of difficulty, knots, equipment personnel, insurance, meetings, physics of falling, climbing, emergency maneuvers, crevasse rescue techniques, dispatch and more.

This book, lavishly illustrated and easy reference, it is interesting for both the beginning and for the veteran mountaineer, it explains techniques required in all situations one can be found in the climbing areas and the mountains around the world.